From long experience I know that vegetarians and vegans away from home are still likely to fare badly when it comes to food. Although, to be fair, most restaurants now do offer vegetarian choices, these can be limited and a bit samey: vegetable lasagne, mushroom stroganoff, and spinach tortellini from the supermarket shelf crop up fairly regularly. I notice too that if someone orders a piece of meat or fish, this will come automatically with potatoes and vegetables, whilst the vegetarian option frequently does not, and of course, we are the people who actually want them!

So, at Tremeifion, my aim is to provide varied, interesting, nutritionally useful, and well-cooked meals, for people who, for whatever reasons, choose not to include animals/animal products in their diet, and to do this to the best of my ability.

Taking this a little bit further, standing under the banner ‘Vegetarian’, or ‘Vegan’, doesn’t mean that you’re the same as all the other veggies. You are also an individual, and have your own preferences. So if you wish to exclude other things from your diet (e.g. gluten, lactose), if you want to see if it’s possible to live without cheese, if you dislike a particular food or group of foods (lots of people don’t like aniseed-tasting foods, such as dill, fennel, celery, etc), or if there’s something you’d particularly like to try, let me know and menus will be drawn up accordingly for your stay. Nor do you have to bring your own milk: I don’t use the little plastic milk containers but will provide a flask containing your choice of organic milk (soya, oat, rice, hemp, dairy, etc) for your bedroom tray.

We’re also very happy to cater for special celebrations and parties, and we can host special activity groups.

As far as possible, food is sourced locally, ethically and organically. Our own vegetable garden and orchard are established and growing, and our new polytunnel gives us extra covered space and extends the season nicely.

A particular aim is to minimise waste: everything that can be is composted and used to feed the soil for the next cycle of growth. Other waste is re-used and/or recycled (e.g. cardboard as mulch) and the bin-men get very little!

Kevin has put together a really good, interesting selection of vegetarian and vegan wines and beers, which he updates regularly. Please have a look at the wine list, and if you have come across anything good that we could include, please let us know.